©2007 Pilar French (BMI)

Seasons changing, flowers in bloom.
Rearranging my heart felt doom.
Will it go? I just don’t, don’t know.

Another day in my self-made maze.
Monsters chasing me through the misty haze.
We’ve got to go. Where to, I don’t know.

But take these waxed wings and learn how to fly.
With one small step, you can reach for the sky.
But Icarus, don’t fly to close to the sun.
‘Cause if you do, the wax will melt and your wings will come undone.

Then down, down you’ll go to the sea.
Waves will swallow you whole.
And tear you from me.

Reasons changing, butterflies in bloom.
No more watching the sun spin shadows around our room.
We gotta go. Pack your things. It’s time, time to go.

He took the waxed wings, so he could fly.
With one small step, he reached straight for the sky.
But Icarus flew right to the sun.
He got so close the wax melted and his wings came undone.

Down, down he fell to the sea.
I watched, I saw it all but I couldn’t believe.
Icarus, you didn’t listen to me.
One flight of freedom, one flight of freedom
One flight of freedom, tore you from me.