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"Soulful, bluesy singer-songwriter Pilar French has changed her songwriting direction from one dealing with heavy topics to themes of innocence, simple pleasures and enjoying life. Her third album, Deliver, debuting this week at her CD release show, shows off French's talents not only vocally, but also in her ability to bring various rootsy elements to an otherwise pop-rock (verging on adult contemporary) exterior. French knows how to command rooms as a solo performer with an acoustic guitar, but here she brings her Iris Dement-like vocal drag in front of a band which features violin, keyboard and accordion. If the CD release is anything like the album, fans should leave happy and a little bit lighter." Click to read the article

- Collin Gerber, Willamette Week

"An eclectic songwriter and performer who can be bluesy and funky one moment, intimate and ethereal the next."

- The Gresham Outlook, June 2011

“Vibrant and varied, the record flies by in a heartbeat but dares you to dig deeper and listen repeatedly.”

- Oregon Music News, October 2009

“About as far from shallow pop as it gets, and thank God for that.”

- The Portland Tribune, October 2009

“Her voice is old-fashioned, but it's not quirky like Nellie McKay, it's a ‘better than anyone you know’ voice in a tight style that sticks to the classic delivery Bonnie Raitt and many others.”

- OPB Music, October 2009

“Her keen ear for a peppy melody even within the toxic waft of the human condition, and the resiliency of her songs makes Alive a tender record for introspection during the falling of the leaves.”

- Deli Magazine, October 2009

“Song titles like Alive, Mercy and Higher Ground might make you wonder whether Pilar French's new release (also called Alive) is a covers album, but the Portland singer-songwriter has been busy on both sides of the hyphen. Vocally alternating between airy and nasal, she reminds me of Aimee Mann as well as Portland artist McKinley; as far as songwriting, her quirky melodies and glossy and spiky New Wave production are also, if you will, ‘McKinleyesque.’ French's Higher Ground, a duet with Justin Jude, is a bouncy, would-be radio-ready pop song and the highlight of the album released tonight.”

- Willamette Week, October 2009

“…years of playing in various---and varied---outfits have given Portlander Pilar French a confidence and polish that can’t be faked.”

- The Portland Tribune

“As far as grooving goes, Pilar French is one of this town’s more melodic acts to catch. French’s intelligent, passionate songwriting lends itself to a sultry, longing, lounge-like sound that is smooth and gravelly all at once.”

- The Stonewailer

“Pilar can be loungy, smoky and silky, bluesy but is slightly askew … . The vibrant Pilar French Intention has made its mark at various Pacific Northwest venues including the Water Front Blues Festival, The Bite of Oregon, Robin Hood Festival, Crystal Ballroom, and Doug Fir.”

- Oregon Coast Today

“It is rare when an album strikes me at first listen. Even rarer for me to go 'HOLY S*#T this is good - this is something different.' On her first outing, Pilar French has made a brilliant pop album. Butterflies delights the senses with hooks, diversity, musicianship....as it uncocoons a vibrant new voice, Pilar French.”

- Lisa Lepine ProMotion Queen, arts consultant

“Pilar French and her band make music from a blues and folk influenced perspective. Their spaced out radio ready rock is a crowd pleaser and regularly finds them on stages at concert halls and clubs. In addition to her work with the band, Pilar French performs as a solo singer/songwriter.”

- Mastanmanmusic.com

Click Here to Listen to Pilar's interview with Inessa at KINK, March 2012

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