“Vibrant and varied, the record flies by in a heartbeat but dares you to dig deeper and listen repeatedly.” - Oregon Music News

These are songs written from life. Alive is about perseverance, of Pilar French and of others. Through insightful lyrics, her passionate voice, and the help of some talented musical friends, she has fashioned an album that leaves listeners with an appreciation of her musical skills, plus deep insight into the qualities we find in ourselves when we're faced with adversity.

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1. Alive
2. One More Dance
3. No More (Grandma's Song)
4. Catacomb
5. Prelude to Mercy
6. Mercy
7. Try
8. Higher Ground
9. End of the Day

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Produced by Pilar French and Rob Stroup

Pilar French - Guitar, Vocals
Jeff Koch - Guitars
Joshua Slamp - Bass, Guitars
Vince Adame - Drums, Vocals
Renee Plant - Piano, Guitars
Skip VonKuske - Cello
Mary Beth Felker - Vocals
Amanda and Jenni Price - Vocals
Lara Michell - Vocals
Nicole Campbell - Vocals
Rachel Taylor Brown - Vocals
Reina Collins - Vocals
Justin Jude - Vocals

Recorded at 8 Ball Studio, Portland, OR
Engineered by Rob Stroup
Photography by Stacey L. Chase

All songs ©2009 Pilar French (BMI)

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